<canvas> tests

Last updated: 2008-01-20 by Philip Taylor.

Annotated specification (based on Web Applications 1.0 Working Draft — 18 January 2008)

Test results for some browsers, created semi-automatically via the report generator.

You may want to download the source code/data (e.g. to create an offline copy of the tests).

Test cases

For each test, a green background indicates success, red indicates failure, blue indicates a need to manually confirm the output is as expected.

The versions in the report generator are the most visually minimalist. The category links below show the actual and expected renderings, and any error messages. The individual test links have links to relevant parts of the specification and extra notes.

Some of the tests only compare single pixels, so "success" means it avoided the obvious failure which was being tested for, rather than meaning it gave the exact expected output. Some tests make perhaps-unreasonable assumptions about exact pixel values and have too-small tolerances, and may incorrectly fail in some valid implementations or on non-32-bit displays. Some make incorrect assumptions that "should" requirements (e.g. painting gradients) are supported. Some reflect old versions of the specification, and some are just wrong. But I try to find and fix any problems, so just be a little careful for now.